Monday, October 30, 2017


Jodi B., Paralegal
Today, I savored my cat's purr because it's magical and he smelled like autumn.
Today, I remembered to say I love you before my kids boarded the bus.
Today, I went to my daughter's award ceremony for her perfect 600 SOL score.
Today, I bought my kids a predinner snack of Cheetos Bag o' Bones. For giggles.
Today, I paused to enjoy the laughter of kids at the playground without pulling out my phone. 
Today, I hugged my kids and husband.
Today, I ate dessert first. Chocolate. Of course. 
Today, I took an extra-long hot shower because it felt good and it's been a long week. It's Tuesday. 
Today, I breathed in the breathtaking sunset before the world spun to delight another.

Today, I savored today.

And if Tomorrow becomes Today, I plan on a repeat.